Frequently asked questions

Can Nadeem Mix My Next Record?

You can ask Nadeem if he can take on your next project, because he is a touring musician, author, and runs a full-time business, his schedule various month to month. Email e9productions@gmail.com and put 'Mix Engineering A Project' in the title and he'll be happy to get back to you with some follow up questions! -Happy Music making.

Is Nadeem Looking For Representation?

Nadeem has been a life long proponant of DIY, from selling albums literally out of the back of his van to fund his tours, to printing his own books, and starting his own label/media company Elevtr. We have a growing family and we're open to conversations at this time about growing that family. Reach out to him via nadeemgibransalaam@gmail.com with 'Partnership With Nadeem' in the title. - A man on a mission

Where Can I Find His Music?

Nadeem has been in a few projects over the years, his first band Apophenia toured the United States and has their name etched on the Marquee at Gramercy Theatre and literally etched by pocket knife onto the punk mecca walls of CBGB's. His latest project is a Psychedelic Rock band that features local legends and life long friends that just haven't been in the same band, that is till now. Check out Some of his projects past and present on the Music section up top. - Music is the doorway to God.

Can I Hire Nadeem?

Nadeem is a Mix Engineer, Videographer, Writer, Sound Designer, & Electrician. His schedule various month to month, but you can certainly reach out if you'd like to hire him for a short term project. Email e9productions@gmail.com with the skill listed in the title of your email. - Selfmade the Brooklyn way