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Nadeem is known as a musician, mix engineer, electrician, author, and poet, born and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island. He is the founder of Elevtr, a music blog & Record Label forged by his time on the LES music scene, that features over 180,000 visitors from 150 countries. He has played over 3,000 concerts across 6 states, while his unpublished manuscript was awarded by C&R Press.

Nadeem Gibran Salaam was born in Brookdale Hospital in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY on April 1st, 1984. Son to a Pakistani MTA Train Conductor and an Indian nurse, It seems his birth year would foreshadow the Orwellian post 9-11 Surveillance State. 

Before this time, before cell phones, his natural desire to play guitar seemed like a generational anomaly. It was only later discovered—as fathers age and show sons their skeletons—music was a raging passion of his fathers, who loved the 1970's era artists oscillating radio air waves in New York City. 


The American soundscape filled his culture shocked ears. His father, a 20 year old kid alone in a new country & a city on fire. It was music, from the iconic ballroom crooners, afro-psychedelic soul & jazz, to political folk music, that played often inside the walls of their apartment. His father would survive the city of Ed Koch, hustling in restaurants before working for 30 years as an MTA train conductor, raising Nadeem with his siblings in a two bedroom apartment on 10th St. in Parkslope, Brooklyn. The rides they would take to pick up their mother from work—the smell of gasoline blowing out the back of his fathers Ford—at Augustana Hospital, listening to The Beatles and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan were his earliest memories. In the late 90's he saved enough money to take Nadeem and his two siblings and mother onto Elmont, Long Island. 


While Nadeem grew up under the overtone of Reagan and came to age during what was considered the post-racial era of Bill Clinton. It was during the Bush years, his experiences traveling from Long Island, where he would later grow up, shaped his sense of writing and playing, where Nadeem cites places like the LIRR train station in Garden City and the back roads of Port Washington along with the acid induced hippie/spiritually community across Long Island as influential.  Elmont was caught between the cross fire of Cambria Heights Queens and Latin Kings presence near the Belmont Race Track, but it's where Nadeem met an outcast of kids experimenting in drugs, reading Jungian psychology, learning instruments in basements, watching Lynch films on acid, with what calls, "recklessly good times under a backdrop of violence." His first experiences of playing music would bloom into first garage concerts, followed by a deeper desire to immerse himself into the city scene. 


Playing regularly at CBGB's, Arlene's Grocery, Kenny's Castaways, Pianos, Cakeshop, then followed it with late nights at Mars Bars, It was during this time Nadeem found his second rag tag of drunks, drug addicts, homeless, and the struggling punks on the Lower East Side that would shape his tastes in music, politics, and writing. By early 2000's, Nadeem's first band Apophenia was playing regularly across the Island and city, opening for Nine Days and Tokyo Police Club. They had a 7 year run with over 3,000 concerts across 6 states under his belt before joining the family in transportation in Aviation for a few years, a time Nadeem considers his rebirth period, after losing friends to the Iraq War, Aids, drugs & alcohol, bared down on him and he knew he needed a radical shift in life style.


It was at JFK Airport where both his siblings work, that he first sat down to write about all of his wild experiences in rock and roll and childhood adventures. Nadeem's first full-length poetry book 'Ghetto Prophets' is an homage to the vanishing people of "Old New York." The raucous, raw, humanistic, and subversive working class personalities, and artistry were the edifice of the Lower East Side & Long Island. Ghetto Prophets features poetic prose that fuses colloquial New York-isms with Jungian pedagogy Sufism and Buddhist teachings. The result is a brew that packs the anarcho-punk traditions of the Lower East Side with notes of fraternity, humanism, and spirituality to cultivate New Yorkers to reclaim space for free thinking and traditional everyday people style of thinking and speaking. Nadeem plans on self-releasing his decade long in the making poetic prose collection titled, 'Ghetto Prophets.'

Most recently, 'Ghetto Prophets' was awarded the 2019 Long List Manuscript Book Award by C&R Press. It also made the 1st reading round for The Button Press Full-length Manuscript Open Reading Period, as well receiving a month long mentorship by Brooklyn-Poets faculty members Leigh Stein and Tommy Pico. Nadeem Gibran Salaam's work has been published in The New York Times, Daily News, MTV, Timeout NY, NPR, and Soundfly. 


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