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After a long decade of touring, putting out albums, & managing his first band Apophenia, Nadeem was burnt out. He took 5 years off from his professional music career to focus on a career in Aviation. During this time he was rediscovering his techniques and voice on acoustic guitar. His style was being influenced by finger picking guitarists like Michael Hedges. After recording one song after the next on a cheap tape deck as a therapeutic practice, it was only after showing his original bassist in Apophenia, Charles Jourdan, did he realize he had enough material for a few albums. The two helped each other record each others first solo albums in Nadeem's parents basement, an extra bedroom was completely acoustically treated with common materials they had lying around. This was still before home studios had achieved the sleek modern image of home studio fame. The result was a noisy, moody, usually one take, performance based album titled 'Rose Garden In The Gospel Of Now.' The album was largely an homage to divine love, Nadeem had recently tied the knot and the new couple had moved soon after its release to Boston for her undergrad. Allston Pudding, a large and beloved music blog took notice of their recent acquisition to the scene and included the album on the Locals Mixtape of 2012, which garnered Nadeem's new project its first major publication. During the time Nadeem was in between NYC and Boston, he worked on his second release, mixing it mostly during flights. The result was a humdrum acoustic record with more space and less warmth, like a cold winter that persists on lasting forever. A song off the album was featured on Dingus, a major voice on all things DIY, calling it an "amphetamine driven style of music." When Nadeem and his wife moved to Brooklyn the following year, he began playing open mics avoiding make a fuss of it. Eventually performing his first acoustic shows with new band members.


While it would take him some time to release his third record, the album was largely created during his time in Joshua Tree. Nadeem says his experiences under the hot sun, in a heat and substance induced trance, encased in panoramic views of the arid mountainous landscape, flooded his psyche with visions of the time. While his early work focused inward, his mind was expanding outward on the human condition. The result was a 40 min packed psychedelic stew of synth & guitar proggy rock titled 'Return To Nature.' The album garnered Nadeem his largest publication and interview with South Asian Magazine Kajal. 

"There’s a dream that comes to me often – I’m walking alone through a desert, under a bowl of stars or, occasionally, in the direct light of a midday sun. My body is restless. Everything is silent but something inside me is spilling over. It wasn’t until I found Thaddeus Lowe, the stage name for musician Nadeem Gibran Salaam, and his special brand of psychedelic Sufi rock that I had a waking anchor for this dream. Lowe’s new song, “They Came from Stardust,” is frenetic, there’s a line in the song ‘there are doors to perception that only love can open," that swirls in the air just above us, always moving in one direction and then the other." "It’s a song about redemption," Nadeem told Kajal over email."

Ahead of the release, Nadeem Gibran Salaam, the singer/songwriter (+ blogger/author) behind the project, sent over some info on the album, as well as the new group behind it, composed of five accomplished musicians who—after years of friendship—are finally getting the band together. In his recent Bands Do BK Interview, Nadeem stated, "Return To Nature  was all about unplugging and returning back to humanism, it’s a concept album, every song moves the story in a direction ending with an opus 10-min track that ends with nature sounds (think Incubus’ Morning View‘s ending) 

Return To Nature (Acoustics) is an ethereal rendition of our live set. it features my bandmates. These dudes are legends in the scene and happen to be my childhood friends, only we’ve never been in one band together!"

It features a ton of amazing gear like Suzuki omnichord; a wonderful ’80s instrument with character; lots of stomping and clapping and percussion make up the drums; sitars are used but aren’t prominent on the mix because my sitar skills are new! While tons of acoustic guitars and ethereal lead guitars help make this acoustic record sound large, that’s what I really set out to do. I didn’t want a folksy record. I wanted what Thaddeus Lowe would do in the stripped-down format. The result, I believe, is a little taste of things to come, now that Thaddeus Lowe is no longer a solo project.


"I’m a Brooklyn native that started playing out live around 1997. New York was a very different place. CBGB’s, Kenny’s Castaway’s… you know, the whole LES punk thing was fighting to hold on. I was lucky to start there. I’m mostly focused on my writing and activism these days, but over the last few years my childhood friends pushed me to play my music more. They joined my band and we played a string of shows last year at Friends & Lovers in Crown Heights and C’mon Everybody in Bed-Stuy. 

While I enjoyed programming and/or playing all the instruments, it’s been a real treat to not only have family join the project, but seriously talented musicians help evolve this band. Last fall I tracked songs from our live set in a more ethereal format in my hood of Greenpoint at TOS Studio (a cozy studio inside the famous Pencil Factory on Greenpoint Ave and Manhattan)."




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Apophenia's Self-titled album (and last studio album) featured drummer Charles Norris's younger brother Jason Norris (AdeleDrivenDerrick Wright) on Keys/Vocals and Eugene Rogers (Fabolous) on bass; who joined the band to support their leg of tours bands RobbersPhantasm, & Vinny Vegas. The band, since its inception into the independent local rock scene in 2005 have released three demos [AM Studio Sessions, Silence and The Memories, Activate], two EP's, [The Quick Release] a concept EP that included an e-book written by lead singer Seamus Kerley titled "The Rise of Resister," and their self-titled debut full-length album, APOPHENIA, The album was recorded with producer Mike Watts (The Dear HunterAs Tall As Lions) and Steve Haigler (FuelThe Pixies) at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson. (Released August 8th 2011.)


They have opened up for such artists as Nine DaysRobbersGabriel The MarineEdison GlassAs Tall As LionsEnvy On The CoastTokyo Police Cluband Vinny Vegas. They eventually gained the attention of Jive Records and were featured in their unsigned tour, contracts were drafted and failed after Jive collapsed and were swallowed into RCA Records. Their last concert was played opening for Man On Earth at Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan.

The debut album was a deviation from their more rock driven/experimental material and showcased their folk sensibilities as well as showcased the soul influences of the group strongly via their final formation, which consisted of a three part Church musician bond between brothers Charles Norris and Jason Norris, and Eugene Rogers. 

The album was featured on the Deli MagazineAbsolute Punk, International magazine Rocksucker, Metro NY, and Timeout NY. During this time they were nominated by the Deli Magazine staff for band of the month in NYC. They made their television debut being featured on Rick's Rising Stars and their debut album was praised by Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter (Who were recording The Color Spectrum EP's while Apophenia's debut album was being recorded at Vudu.)  

That summer they were featured as a band to watch on in-print newspaper Metro NY, who stated, "Apophenia is the band commited to the DIY ethos."  

The songs Past Transmissions and Serenity were featured in the short film The Cactus And The Hermit Crab on May 9th, 2014. They are endorsed by Paiste Cymbals, sharing the endorsement with the bands Kings of LeonThe Black KeysDeath Cab For Cutie, and The Raconteurs.