Nadeem Gibran Salaam is a Brooklyn native with an array of talents he has worked his entire life to develop and is available for mixing, analogue tape mastering, producing, live performances including live music or poetry readings. Use the contact button below for more information.


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From touring the United States, performing live on Television, at venues like CBGB's & having his band names on the marquee at Gramercy Theatre, Nadeem Gibran Salaam has been performing live since 1997. His latest project Thaddeus Lowe features fellow New York natives & well established musicians. His music has been featured on Bushwick Daily, Bands Do NY, Kajal Magazine, & Indie Bushwick. If you'd like to book Thaddeus Lowe for a live show, festival, or for tour support reach out.

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Interested in the sweet analogue warmth of tape? Nadeem can master your music on 7" & use the master reel to make consumer cassettes. Zoom / Skype available for project consultations. Prices vary by the amount of cassettes & if you want to keep the 7" master reel to reel.

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Nadeem has cut his teeth on the NYC music scene, from mixing his own records to producing and engineering for Indie Documentaries & local bands like EXSO. He is available via Zoom / Skype for consultations on producing / mixing. His home studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. Nadeem also offers podcasting audio services to ensure you stand out from the rest with superior sound, if you're a podcaster looking for audio mixing/mastering or would like a consultation before you setup your home podcasting studio, please reach out.